Corporate Fire Risk Assessment Solutions

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Corporate Fire Risk Assessment Solutions

Organisations with multiple sites often manage fire risk assessments at a central level; providing tools, fire safety training and specific guidelines to each site.

The Corporate version of the Firesmart app can be used to help ensure the fire risk report for each site has been completed or updated.

The organisation administrator is able to see when the assessment was last undertaken, the responsible person and a copy of the fire risk assessment.

Some corporations experience specific fire hazards common across their sites due to the nature of their business. Where control measures for common fire hazards are already set by the organisation, Firesmart’s template format can help administrators see whether those control measures are being adhered to.

The structure of the Firesmart solution can also make it easier for businesses to identify common fire issues arising on sites. By becoming aware of a common issue, businesses can determine whether a corporate level policy is feasible and whether that policy will then make it easier for sites to reduce or mitigate fire risks.

Firesmart work with multi-site organisations to provide a tailored approach to fire risk reports. You can choose to manage your own sites or we can supply support services.