Fire risk assessments for shops

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Using Firesmart to help with an individual shops fire risk assessment

The structured approach of the Firesmart App helps shop owners and managers take a methodical approach to their fire risk assessment.

Users are presented with a series of statements and need to think through their answers in the context of their shop environment.

The system enables you to add photos and notes as you undergo your shops assessment. So, for example, if you spot that a power socket has been overloaded you can take appropriate action and make a note on the system. You can also log the problem as an ‘Action’ if, say, you need to speak to colleagues to ensure they don’t overload the power sockets or you want to get an electrician in to add an additional power socket.

The systems functionality can be particularly useful when removal, reduction or mitigation of fire risk requires further planning. For example, you may decide the store room contains potential sources of fuel and could be managed more effectively to reduce fire risk e.g. dealing with unnecessary stock, empty boxes etc. Adding this as an ‘Action’ with supporting notes and photos will serve as a useful reference when you make a plan for improving stockroom management going forward.

Once you have completed your Fire Risk Assessment, the system can present your report as a pdf, incorporating your ‘Action Plan’. The Action Plan contains the issues you have identified that require action. The Action Plan can then be used as a reference tool to help you remove, reduce or mitigate fire risks associated with your shop. The plan can be updated as actions are taken helping you ensure your assessment is up to date.