Understanding your Firesmart Action Plan

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Understanding your Firesmart Action Plan

As you go through your Fire Risk Assessment, there may be areas you need to address for your business to comply with Fire Safety guidelines. Firesmart, through it’s methodical process, is designed to help you identify actions to take to mitigate, reduce or remove fire risks.

When you record an issue in the Firesmart App, the app will allocate it to an Action list and give the issue a priority rating. You can view the actions that you have identified in the Firesmart ‘Action Plan’ section at any time. The Action Plan helps you easily see what actions you have identified as potential fire risks so that you can make a plan for removing, reducing or mitigating that risk.

The Action Plan is designed to help you see which elements need rectifying immediately as well as other items you have identified. For example, if you need to purchase an additional Fire Extinguisher, the system will identify this as a Priority 1 item.

For each action you can add further information to the system to update your Fire Risk Assessment accordingly, for example, when you have addressed/resolved an issue. This useful approach means you can easily keep your Fire Risk Assessment up to date on an ongoing basis.