Using a template for a fire risk assessment

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Using a template for a fire risk assessment

When undertaking a fire risk assessment it can be useful to take a structured, methodical approach.

The Firesmart App acts like a template to help users work through their fire risk assessment in the context of their business environment.

The system uses a statement and answer approach. This means a statement is presented to the user and the user can then log their response to the statement in the system. The statements presented aim to help guide users through their fire risk assessment, prompting consideration for fire prevention, fire hazards, people at risk, escape routes etc.

The Firesmart Fire Risk Assessment app offers users many additional advantages beyond the template itself. The benefits include:

  • ability to give a simple checkbox response or add more detail 
  • the ability to complete the risk assessment on a mobile device whilst inspecting the building 
  • add attachments  
  • easily add photos 
  • helps users identify if there are enough fire extinguishers 
  • help notes 
  • easily see the actions and priority ratings 
  • consolidation of users responses into report format with a click of a button 
  • access to Firesmart support service 

The template approach suits many types of business because, whilst each business fire risk assessment will be different, particular types of business consider much of the same fundamental criteria.