How Firesmart can help users produce a fire risk assessment more efficiently

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How Firesmart can help users produce a fire risk assessment more efficiently

The Firesmart app is designed to help users efficiently produce a fire risk assessment.

The structured format presents users with a series of statements. The user can then select their response to the statement in the context of their business environment, providing supporting notes, photos and attachments where appropriate. This straightforward approach helps users methodically work through their fire risk assessment.

The app can be used on a mobile device which means users can record answers whilst inspecting the site. This removes the need to hand write notes and then spend time typing them up when back at a computer.

If undertaking the assessment using a mobile device that has a camera, users have the added benefit of being able to take photos of noteworthy areas and add those photos to the system straight away. The photos act as a useful reference tool and the system can resize them automatically. This inbuilt functionality means there is no need for the timely process of downloading inspection photos from your camera, uploading them to the system, finding the correct place for them and cropping them to the correct size.

When you have completed your assessment, the system automatically pulls the ‘Action’ items you have identified into your final report. This gives you a fire risk action list to work from going forward. The automation saves you time as you don’t need to go back through the report to manually create your list of actionable items.

You can easily review, revise or update your fire risk assessment and associated actions within the app.

In addition, next time you undertake your fire risk assessment, the information from the last assessment will be readily available, helping to make the process easier and more efficient.