Fire Safety Training

Certified Fire Safety Training

Award-winning eLearning training course that helps staff understand the key fundamentals of fire safety awareness in the workplace.

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Fire Mashal and Fire Warden online training also available. Buy here.

These CPD certified online courses aim to help businesses meet their requirements and provide staff with information and training around fire safety.

Fire Prevention

The fire safety courses cover key topics including fire prevention, fire equipment that may be found on site, fire exits and fire emergency procedures.

Training certification

Upon completion of the fire safety training course, participants can access a fire safety training completion certificate and get CPD credit.

Work environments

Modules are available to cater for fire safety training in a variety of environments including Care Homes, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals and other workplaces.

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Fire safety training completion certificate

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Aids fire safety regulation compliance

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Single licence available from £24

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