Producing a fire risk assessment for your office

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Producing a fire risk assessment for your office

If you are producing the fire risk assessment for your office, the Firesmart fire risk assessment app can help you through the process.

As you review your office, the system is designed to help you evaluate the fire risks and mitigation that’s in place. The app can be used on a mobile device, as well as a desktop, giving you the flexibility to complete the fire risk assessment whilst moving around the office. This can be particularly helpful in terms of investigating and logging the details of your fire risk assessment as you walk around the office as well as the opportunity to discuss the assessment with colleagues whether it’s, for example, highlighting the importance of keeping fire exits clear or discussing any fire safety training needs.

Going beyond a tick box, there is the flexibility to add more detail to answers if required, for example, attaching supporting documentation e.g. for your office sprinkler system, or a floorplan you have created showing the location of fire extinguishers and fire exits; as well as the option to add photos and notes.

When you identify and record areas that require action on the system, the system automatically consolidates the record into the dedicated ‘Actions’ section. This ‘Actions’ section provides an easily accessible reference tool to quickly see important fire safety actions that need to be taken for your office. You can easily update the system as each actionable item is dealt with, adding notes as required. This flexibility can help you keep your office fire risk assessment up to date.